Title: Angel With Iron Fist
Artist: The JZA

Yo, I'm tired of ya'll kats beein' killed
Niggaz need to reform they whole status
Dumb, death n' blind
Just bitin' and keep rollin with the globe
They need an angel with iron fist son
(fuck that gun clappin' crack rockin')
(u weak ass punk)

Yo, I bring heaven n' hell to your mental
mexican bitches wishin' they never fucked with no Zen (God)
lickin' materialist faggots, head filled with helium
escape beef from all cream till next millenium
they can be suckin' on your dick if u fed them with cheeze
kats runnin' down with the globe
nevermind if they will fall on money blood
been tricked by faked charts
soccer game that take away grands
robbin' clean a whole nation arc
We put hooligans up front
while we let mosquitoes suck us from above
Drop war everytime my blood shot gay cops
we move tight like an Angel with Iron fist
burnin' Billboard spots blazin' next platium hit
you are thrill by crooked eye
and poor gods have knowledge on every body inch
I takeaway my peeps trainin' like platoon 36
Ar-ma-ge-don 3 thousand 1,0,3
from the Bible to the 64 hexagrams of I Ching
we control energy and concetrate it on our brain
to bring God mentality to a whole nation
Slept and start regaini' strenght with life force like henkidama
We awake under rainy days
that fall over us like darts slayin' flesh and garmet
information difamation while the globe keep rotatin
your arms too short to box with god
Mexican and Colombian Blacks
are brain numb executate by the rules of the game
Venezuelan and Sout Africans brake their heads
definin' the movement of my clan
Watch out 'cuz my rhymes get mo' atached
to parables from King Christ
(King Christ, King Christ)

So as the queen of my seeds
Came closer to the level of my celestial fleets
Ready to embrace the books of the next mytology
Next Mary and Johsep got beat, rape and encarcerated
by some white ass pig
So that way new world order will never proceed
All pentagons high comander and chiefs
afraid to death and hide under their seats
Cuz can't no gun hurt the Angel with Iron Fist
Speak from the infinite universe
the 5th dimension will be alterate with this high knowledge verse
that enlight the Mayans and Gypsies Pyramids
that concentrate all the energy from far aways galaxies
All presidents kiss my feets
and my dick got sucked by the finest lips
Cause the new world order we all have to loose cream n material assets
We all breathe from the tigger and dragon magnetism
I was born inmortaly and equality of my energy
have been released on every verse of this apocalypse pray
That raised hell over the weak people who hasn't defined my message
We continue to open third eyes
teachin' knowledge understandment n wisdom to survive this high tides
and rotate 360 till i get rag of this son
U pimp jiggalo think in gettin' teens willin' to take it backdoor
While your sister is gettin' wrap up
Pre teen sex sales in Tabasco
Kidnapin' babies is all u wanna make this
Is all good till your dues have to be payed
and sick niggaz will eat your flesh
till your best conns got betrayed
your tears wake inferno like alcohol
and your ass is poured with kerosene
burned & condemn your whole family
Cuttin' throats dislocatin' your legs
and devils piss over your agonize brain cells
We come quietly, humble with every step
till u are resting under my shelf
and then is when u wish better be death
and can't gasp for air deadly presidents are burned
on some politician with a tigh ass fem

Got bitches love dancin'
with colorful lips
take bitch ass 4 granted
that love to suck dick
ain't no love here
just the money that keep on downfallin'
from duns that reside with crack and rock
and sess smokin' girl friend don't wanna let me out
she knows n Pray for me to stay monogomist
I love to lick clits
I have ate a lot of pussy last nite and never got sick
why this bitches like me malicious
betta be strong on competition
make me wanna get mo' ambition
fuck u hardcore is your wishes?
Angel with Iron fist (a ha)
well so be it..