Title: Blessed Gods
Author: The JZA

Yo, yo I move through the third world
nothing change in the ghetto
I've just realize I got to Mexico
Is highly depressive to leave it on the track
mainly superior the master individual
I'll need strength to teach the lesson
watching young kids take packs of crack
and get smoked with the first blow of crack
contaminate their own nation
primarly proclamate and prophases
like Moses took on his tribe to the promess land
Now Israel capital Jerusalem
fighting to penetrate killing tribes of Egyptians
I posses your vital nerves
and cut your wicked minds you can't avoided
bless the illuminated & Illumination
Coming from my third eye
tooked from the book of Revelations
I represent the vibe of my clan
learning rhymes from Canada to Paris
Monterrey you can't see me and I ain't hard to see
like Jedi torn your born into Gods
and control the globe like it was meant to be
long before the announciation born of seer
I gave the culture to the Greeks
Believe you can't fuck with me
Deadly blades will cut your ability to breath

I have the TRIUMP on my hand
defeate every emperor
conquer nations by the vision of my teachers
Wu-Tang Clan dominate the universe
I locked down to the next millenium
change the whole principals
and the logistic are stadistiic
trash your mind like Crystal
with a sight of m third eye
you'll be left into the dark nites
death will be the penalty
if it's mean to be then let it be
this is the start of my legacy
wisdom with rhymes that should save humanity
JZA aand his clan will testify
the apocalypse invinsibly

Many epidemic been spread into the galaxy
UFO's taking pictures of the globe
and religious populations wait to be destroyed
the blame of the economy
rise on the escenario
Cuz I'm the black that crash the wall street
motherfucker forget about this
after they packed their own bills like Gates
all was though from the from the initiation
I hooked up your ass on terrible situations
like the little kid from Somalia
Infected by Malaria, and other diseases
inputed on God's younger seeds
devils rises under your sheet
Murder charges on the third degree
genocide as the Wu-Tang manual was written on Shaolin
Killing devils were seen over Park Hill
and we bring it to your weak stinky ass
My penis rises in the morning like phoenix
Put it on the track or leave it over string beats
the reason is burning season
One nation under God
JZA-KZA collapse as the sun in daylight
We're just gonna keep shining
with a power punks can't unerstand
JZA is for Jesus Zeus Allah
while KZA Knock your Zonked Ass

Yo, fuck that cooking of cocaine
all you is gats and bullet proof vests
you trade your Earth for a hore and a pack of Sess
you knew she was a great Ballerina
but ignore and got infected with HIV and Gonorrhea
you didn't saw the devil that emerge from her clit
and now is killing you softly
with-out penetrating your skin
OH SHIT! You use to call the bitch Tina from Catherina
now all you see is your life being extinct
Now all you got is urinary track infection
and your love was poisoned
by some soulless female without pressure
CREAM was your ambition
to raise your kids in a place without no harm
but your hormones you couldn't stop
and now you pay the due of a losted nite
and blessed god for your seeds and your earth
cuz you no longer be there for them