Title: Capital Punishment
Author: Khrist (ft. The JZA)

September the 4th almost 12 o'clock
Young kid Tod E. Johnson his whole life fucked
His mother was sick
He got to go 2 streets to buy antibiotics
and borrow something to eat
walking around he was praying 4 his mom
Remember her words 'You are my angel Son'
He got to the drugstore buy that medicine
Then he got to go to his Aunt house
He was on his way and saw a criminal attack
the victim tried to run got shot on the back
Tod was freeze the thief was all pady gove
walk true the new and he picked up a gun
Sir u are OK while he lift up his head
Tod can't do a thing he was already death
Then the cops arrive while the whole cloth in red
They said Drope the gun we have u suround
One start to fail him and said look what I found
U r under arrest u got the right to keep silence
Murder in first degree, buy drugs eyes of violence
He tried to esplain to all that crazy people
All they said u have the fingerprints on the wearon
He didn't understand all that shit wasn't fair
No one gives a fuck just give electric chair

-The JZA-
So you wanna tell me why
I always have to fall in the same confusion
The dilema between playing goodie goodie and go to heaven
but the casualties wasn't solution because of
starvation, hypotermia or desease
because I couldn't afford the fuckin' medicine
Maybe I'm strong enough to live on welfare for life
but my lil' son is growing up to not good
screwing his life
If I'm playing devil affording dope
and construct empire over money blood
survive with luxury jewels, benz and rol-(lexus)
Escaping the ghetto and moving to the burbs
If I fall and burn in hell my kids will have cream enough
to never get back to the source
this life is like a baseball game
maybe I'll be out on 3 strikes in one play
but my peeps would steal base and win the game
like Mr. Abdul payed the dues on Death Row
but Lil' Abdul is now running all Biz in the West Coast
Yo Capital Punishment they beat us once
But can't kill us none
Eve if you have 10 of us on Death Row
We'll still come up to bring guns