Artist: The JZA
Song: Before CHRIST (Coming Home Right Into Slavery Treatment)

Peace to all my Gods and Earths
Word up! Remember Blackman is God
Father civilization, King of the Universe
Sun, moon and star, that's man, woman and child
Word up! The saga continue
the JZA, Wu-Tang, Shaolin Style

Verse 1:
Yo, Yo,
Yo yo yo, I drop my Knowledge and Wisdom
that travel like and eagle
killing all the evil
that sorround our crypt
just a week from now Crips shot Tyrine
Black on Black crime seems like a never endin' shit
One day you are in love the next one you see blood
that was left on the floor after ambulance roll
and then you are lefted alone

I questioning the dark days that we livin in
from old project to our eyes have been sealed it
by drugs, guns and cops that killed young bloods
Me the JZA--the true livin' God
learning on the genesis to stand on the apocalypse
ryhmin' with the rap that our fathers have been keepin in
back in the days we all were Gods and Earths
Our tribes have army for Respect
but Ol Priest won trowing magic spells
enemies got infected weakin and withenin their deirmis
like bleach--provoke badly mutation on their seeds
transformed natural evil beens
that love to hate rape and lynch the weaks
their daugthers fuck like snakes
that eat their own kids
blue green gray and all type of eye deformation
that cause mental masturbation
the older were traped on isolation
One day were expelled to the north side
who sight all the dumb death and blinds

Chorus: X2
We forgot that we are stronger than steel
Black man is God strength is our will
We never saw that the we were King from begin
Before CHRIST our lives rule over things

Verse 2:
Two million acres and 666 comands from our masters
who takes our sisters from their matrix
infectin their wombs and burry race on a tomb
taught abortion and birth control potions
turn Gods into dogs of extorsion
we never have to lie we never had to die
now watch us blaze gats to survive
And still we are striving to stand still
Niggaz try to shot me but eventually they miss
Kahlil Johnson on the real
Now watch me appeal
on the high judge of the streets of Brooklyn
I saw my shorties up in Crooklyn
Wu-Wear gears and two light skin hoochies
Niggaz felt the Don on this sub-world we are sprung
Kindom from Colomia to the whole East Coast
attending foreing business up in cartels
Drugs have my pocket full of cream
and two million Gods will die eventually
Guerrilla wars from Irak to Sarajevo
On my corner bloods die on similar methods
Helicopter hunt us like we are rebels
burning civilization like Neron
nuclear bombs are droped with evil--missions
Extinguing like holcaust
that travel in form of chemicals
that fried the mind like Kza got my brain fried
I'm here to try to make a change
at this concrete hell, we all call home
take a step back and reflect on your own
Knowledge, understandment and lessons
that open third eyes that shine like supernova
escape physical death like Lazarus resurection
on the next constitution
that explain all my solutions
shit ends after I free all theorem like confusious

We forgot that we are stronger than steel
Black man is God strength is our will
We never saw that the we were King from begin
Before CHRIST our lives rule over things

Verse 3:
All you fake ass niggaz Respect Wu
Shaolin have my swords made up with adamantium
this ain't comic strip like Marvel
I cut arm leg leg arm & head
that you better comprenhend
Shaolin style will train from Joe to Mayor
Camoflage ninjas that attack from the village
Thoughts move like stargate
UFO's are prepared to strike again
With the second coming of Jesus from Nazareth
Retablishment are only for the ones who try to dare
We all waiting cuz we all awaken
We strive for perfection
36 chambers sread through the nations
WU-nited nations up in shaolin
to fertilized the divine matrix--of knowledge
Supreme being is the fifth element
cuadruple to the galaxy infinite like the universe
who was blessed like my earth with my blessed sperm
I fertilize divine egg
my seeds are awaken from gestation stage
We reach the fifth element since the placenta
Neo-homo illuminati will be the forming on this era
while you niggaz act like a homo-sexual
Jesus Zeus Allah droping golden nuggets through your mental
all wired up like Internet the World Wide Web
you should dial Wu-Tang simplenet on your browser page
and recieve all the blessing from my clan
that third eye shine as a helium lamp on the dark

Word Up, Wu-Tang FOREVER, Biggie Smalls Forever
2Pac Forever, The JZA Forever
Shaolin Style born GOD
New York and World Wide
From Japan to Afganistan
Word up To the whole Universe