Song: God aka Devil
Authors: The JZA

All you fake ass
acting like you know what you ignore
Haterz recieve the blow and pull a hoe
all in the throath
when you bumping on the staircase
you hardly cum ignoring so
Throw spagetti with ketchup without the meatballs
Good production of cocaine spill out the Crystal
Or the bottle of Moet, CREAM ain't really stoping now
it come n come it fast and slowly down
I sell it for the price of Mexico
Give me 12 bucks
Related corners Related slums it's just my home
I gather the gold CREAM of crop
See you next month
I'm striving for perfection
to create a solid rock
for high class punks
It's hard to run the tracks
When cops comes to my home
but I have to feed well, my one and only son

Yo, hypocrital, burgalizer grew up in Shaolin
Distribute all the dope without the gadgets
Scientific nigga know how to seperate the chemicals
Mo laboratories than sharks on label brands
He got sting with the Killa Beez sound
Came home n hug pre-adolence child
Running on from cartles from Florida to Maryland
Pussy ain't that tight that can afford that credit card
First, check out my verse sense we pulling up skirts
Can we act up like we were babies, you crash dummies
Classroom full of my men's honies
Back in NY, hoochies wearing Donna Karan's vest n hat
They blessed me, and drank my milk up like Nestle
With my new share portfolio with my newest gear
Red, Blue, White Paintsuits that's Fly
You can watch me from behind
a new Wu-Wear logo everytime
Silver chain with K engraved cross
Yo, It's time young man to built your own
Daddy came with 2 blunts and golden guns
(It's that a fo fo) Not Kat is just a roll
We keep it like a golden mine without misstaking that
you trippin is the same shit you have in last year
you play tough throughout the streets
Come home and began to kissing kids
Not knowing when it would be the last kiss

It is God, It is Devil
It is God, It is Devil
What kind of oxigen
I'll breath on my beadroom

I remember Lil' Shannon half skate skatin'
Irish readheaded and good look reside in Salem
She was fifteen just a simple girl with Idols
It was all good she released me from the white cops
I spread her knowledge from the spiral but I left her
She didn't understand my language
Soon as her ass grow up with the flow of adolecence
She drop High school 'cuz her skirt she pulled up
I came back and found her with a son
So now she is trippin' and strippin'
it ain't fair but the pay checks pay the daycare
Soon as I get to Beverly she is missing me
She remeber back when she used to suck my dick
Now I'm jumping to Zatana
Gave love to all my Aura
Black girl knew how to make me go Bananas
Kahlil Johnson blessed Jamerican
She is now back in Pittsburg studing books about Kingstong
She went into sociologist I love her
but is always of this type of shit
Will Kza play me like a God or a Demon so..


God also know as Devil
We die on every second
Promise of higher records
If i show the most infection
We still waiting for Armaggedeon
The judgement day is mo personal
Don't wait to anhiliation
It is nothing but a metaphor

"All you think the last days will come on physical death
But we already in hell and we walk with natural death
Is on us to wake up and resurect"

We are condem with origial Sin
for just being here
how would we achive skills to match invencibly
This universe are script of a mathematical equation
if you solved you can travel to the higher station
Will explode on the creation
Time is devided on four dimensions
Ancient Aztects knew it from milleniums