Title: I'll be there for you
Artist: The JZA

K you gotta be strong
cuz is a men world
and in this life it's all about of gain lost
But's all good
when you know you are not alone
and in this life you'll find
mo' than couple of rough roads
and if your life finds lonely
and no one can hear your strong screams
realize there's no attention
your shorty man leaves you
and there's nothing else to do
but feel good
whe your kids look at you
and the monet start less
and mama tells you baby everything will be ok
and you look up at the stars
and see no mo' than dark clouds
began to get blind hopes
and take wrong roads with no stop
God help protect my soul from young hoes
but you gotta be real
nobody will apear to save your kids
no one except me will become atrue brotha
ever since september 95 is the number
Untill eternity, till the end of the world
so now believe in anotha mental station
when a friend no mo a friend
will become a real protector

For all that you need
I'll be there for you
if you keep it real with me
I'll keep it real with you
For whatever living through
I'll be down with you
So you know I'm coming trough
is true

If you someday wanna talk some
or compasion in your brain
knock in your door
or just need to feel protection
to save your soul or your home and kids
and remenise in the supression
the ilness of past times
just to feel reconfortation
It's all good

So I'll be down if you need so
or I'll be high
if somebody try to blow your soul
compared me like a black Rotthweiller
attacking everything that moves
just to save his master
cuz you are better than a woman
I'll be there for you
explosive like a bomber
Always care for you


The gain of a brother is like a sholder
to lend on
feel reconfortation from the problems
can't explain the pain on your brain
that attacks your full subconsious
making hackted of this shit in the housen
so much fear you must feel from utsider
exceot me accept me, you know me
I'll bring confort garantee to your family
raising soul and being for your sanity
makes me remenise for your happiness