Title:Kriying Angels
Artist: The JZA

When I saw you that september
you where lone in the house
I can clear now remeber
it was me the one who start
The flow of my soul
When to your hands like honey
so tenderly and softly
You treat me like a hommie
and you don't even know me
the real me inside the mask
going all the way into myself
like a heart attack

Now imaginw yourself
at the bottom of this pimp
With noway to come it at ya
and let say the punishment
daily I used to crash
deep inside the maddness
made me scream for ya

But all the evil
surrounding all this people
in this world
made me fight through
like a demon in deep hell
only way to breath
fresh air inside myself
is the one, the one from K
and again Kriying Angel
said your name

And you know there are things on you
and you there are things that I
Live and Die for the source of K
Protect at K
Kriying Angels always pray for K

And like Miss. America your name is Erika
Right truth softly I'll smoothly fit to
Caramel complexion, breath smelling like C'mon
sweet attitude 'cuz I'm a whole like you
But with the E.R.I.K.A.
Always been this way
never selfish with her
Cuz I'll keep just down with the K
every very time
I just wanna call your name

So no hesitation with my mission vision
take it strong with ambition
on my sista K O'neal no real friction
is fact no-fiction
verbaly addiction
and never less my telepatic addiction
of aprobation with a passion my obsession
can you repeat the verb succeed
on anotha mental station
only the strong survive, only the wild excel
and nothing will stop us now
cuz we bust outta hell
so nearly at the end we pray
and above the skies
Kriying angels call your name

Kriying Angels at the sky
Kriying Angels for your part
Kriying Angels never leave
always fill your dreams

The same criying angels since K was
I have always been there on an alternative soul
is the mysterious, of destiny obnisious
and believe me now I'm serious..
Noway to fear protect your being
always feel your dreams
and never the least satisfied your needs
realize that's why my angels are here
But don't worry what's the hurry
Transending space and time
We always been on each other
so don't worry so come on go blind and jump
I'll swear you'll never going to fall
Beleve me..My angel
the criying angels always take you home