Title: Kahlil vs Alex
Author: The JZA

Get that fuck outta here
don't even come around me
thaks to you my life is screwed
like somalian or $50 dllr lesbian

So what the fuck u think
Is all cool with you
your blackness make even my mom disgusted
5 years and nothing
my best friends betray me
I'm isolated from my cats and gf

Well that's cuz of you
Sell your soul to bitches and white ass freaks
wake the fuck up and grab your own shit
realize nobody loves you
envy is behind success and cash rule
from the annals of varsoviah

I never have fun in bars n niteclubs
because you never let me get with my boyz
My closest friends care for me
but never could really feel me
because of you NIGGA!!
I'm outkast forever

Don't even get into that bullshit
u pussy mothafucker
cuz when we went to America
you were allways tapin' phones fuckin' Erika
and all that for wha?? answer me
the bitch trip ya when we wnet back ask 4 me
I was the one getting down big time groovie
and almost fuck Tahida the 14 yr old hoochie
Now let's talk about ya peep
they always runnin' away from me
Marcos even make it pu- blic
are they friend or foes or wake the fuck up
before they came and bust me

It's all good nigga
u damn fucking right
fuck all those bitches
who once play me out
I've learned the lesson
took me 2 strikes on the heart
eat a dick ya'll suckerz
who give beef with love
ain't love fuckin' right

Your cool in one thang
can't be single minded
can't play all that hard
and touch pre-teens as pass time
I should never have leave you
even if I got the dog in ya
rarely who notice bark when I feel odd

Don't worry nigga
I still owe you one
never forget casablanca
that shit is still in my mind
If it wasn't for you
nigga, I'll never get through
I don't care if they hate ya
I still get with u