Artist: JZA

New Dayz, new nites
this kid ain't nuthin' nice
she continue to grow in strip clubs and bars
u know where is goin' to head
split legz like a vet
drivin' niggaz frenzy
with no panty and mini-skirt
this young flat chest
still have to get to 12
suckin' lolicocks and lolinuts
I dunno where is goin' to end
She master the art
of tounge wippin' since 10
cat's now don't even have to talk back
She just get a whole act fast
Hispanic call here 'ven aqui bonita'
would u like to be tonite my lolita

In this illest world of have n' have not
we don't regulate but we have it all fucked
older bitches get ran out of jobs
pussy get to stinky
she even can't stand it for
her seeds are too young
but do u really think she give a fuck??
So youngest rookies got the most Johns
got the pimp happy full of cream on their crotch
came to be the highest paid show in New York
too young too nasty and too raunch
cum flowing down their chin
fingers rubbin' on their slits
lust shinning on every eyes
and bricks fallin' down at high speed

We came rought and get tough
all the skirts keep dizzing up
hold mo' bitches every day
u Playboy get nasty as we head it to New York
but never exect to see it right
cause you know how the bulge move that side
even the youngest could crack your spine

Get this right nigga
I don't like lolitas
only reason cause I trade
is cuz I gotta get my dinner
got to survuve by any mean possible
everytime you see me out there
is cuz I want to see the next day
NIGGA!! You can think what u want
Only GOD can judge me
and that's why I haven't die
I never force no skirt
I don't even know theur names
if it wasn't for the money
I'll probably never be here in the first place
this chicks keep dissing
how young can they get?
they just drop their pampers
and already spread legz
Huh, tell you the truth
I'm not that far from you
every cat that come for me
disgust my worst sin
I also think is sick keep livin' this way
but turn around and feel all starvin'
then give me something to get fed?
Now I let ya feel me
but if u still don't like it then fine
do u really think I give a fuck who critizese