Title: Misunderstood
Artist: The JZA

Here I'm
Just lonely in the shadow of inconcerty
Nobody to love just me and my soul
and my property
I just wonder how would I'll pass it
With my hommies, my sistas my borthas
'cuz I'm

Chorus: X2
That's me, that's why I'm
Nobody to trust
Nobody to love..I'm

Check it
I need to get the fuck out of here
But where I go, I guess nobody knows
Just another dream that turns into nightmare
nobody seem to care
they don't give a fuck
is just me against the world
People think I'm insane
I just think is something else
why a young nigga dream in greatness
and why he try to give different to this saness
I just don't know
my sista O'neal tries to hear me
but I doubt she can really understand
and get my lyrics
'cuz when I speak it It just don't fix in
they just think in espaņol but where I go
I just have to get in english to express my soul
and my insanity that nobody seem to catch me
and it seem that nobody can realy understand me
cause I'm..

Chorus X2

A black soul i this body is what I have
I think I would never make it to the black party
Is kinda hard
Faith! is what I need my sista O'neal
is the one who really matter
in a world where niggaz don't exist, is only me
I ask help to the Bible to get some answers
is telling me that all was a fake
that all was a joke and if I make it throught the storm
there's a brighter world what shall I say
what tries to tell me I just don't get it

Domeone tell me to get to States thank to my brain
160 in intelligence is what I have
but no one to guide me is how I'm
He left me alone I wanna cry
but the thing get worst my tears won't drop
is just me, is just the pain
and the scars get through inside my heart
My parents get mad for being here
I think they don't want me neither me
and I can tell ya nigga I aint happy here
and just another sad love song
is not this case 'cuz when I die
I wanna look back & be proud of my fame
and unnicanny man that could express his feelings
he cooled a world at least he tried it
with new ideas that's kina happy
But I'm still green I'm just only 17
and the end of the road
is just a long way from here

Hoop dreams in my mind
will I make it
I don't know
Will I'll try it
sure it goes
for me just one step
from the united States
I finally be in my belong
my sport, my instict, my music
my love, my love, my life
Meanwhile I'm