Title: Warrior 2000 (the world is ours)
Author: The JZA

Yo, yo, yo Best believe in me
cuz I'm all wise and powerful
I control the earth magetism
make it rotate around my mentality
But check me out, hear me out
study out my words
it hits u stronger than a nigga on the Run
We all in war now
fightin' against ourselves
look the whole world is now dusted
they all making or selves weak and dumb
clonatin' us, replacing us
inventing science to eradicate us
making babies so we eventualy
forget how to make'em
Sprayed out with viruses
so we can't be sexually related
niggaz cumin' with no sperm cells
while the pussy becomes tasteless
little earth seeds where womb alterated
So we can be easily regulated
numbers replace names
and life is kept on in vitro freezers
Mutating ovaries to deformate our braincells
and race will be programmed like computer video games
Is armaggedeon age with no enemies
or wack ass alien lost in space
but basic nutrition germs will destroyed our inmunity system

The JZA is the True Livin' God
detect the humanity destiny since the sperm cell
That's how we struggle,
from the ghetto to the nations we all corupted
in human nature sanitation is domination
extortion and supression
The jewels can't be tought in schools
I was borned invincible
mo' than 12 jewels form my temple
with gold walls and diamonds crystals
hot lava walker while my mind stayed focus
is Allah best contruction worker
we hold up our gunz while my words
wave through the wind like swords
so I always stayed in control

Warior 2000 (the world is ours)
Warior 2000 (Mathematics is how it's planned)
Warior 2000 (we could get there if we want it)
Warior 2000 (the world is ours)
The world is ours, the world is ours

5%er that roll with the final heard
better keep stuin' your hell
so u can increase your GOD mentality and wiz
u better get prepare addin' on
So u can sustain the power and domain of the game
cuz information is power
and power is divine when knowledge is companin
Wake da fuck up and Run da fuck up
get tired of your laizy ass
all day on the staircase floor
stop smokin' blunts
how high u can get if u can afford a fuckin' diaper
for your shity ass son
u r retarded in your thoughts
is like holdin' a fo fo to a stupid cop
I kill'em all
better be in war
than a result of another black layed on his blood
ain't without war
either u a soldier or a victim of his own
keep drinkin' piss and eatin' shit
and u'll never live long
they can kill us once
they can kill us twice
but they'll never kill us all

Chorus (x3)