Artist: JZA (ft. Kristh)

I was in da playground ballin with my crew
when a kingpin step up in a black suit
no question was asked just start to blase gats
gotta run before he shot my ass
just heard a "chckpow" that got my hommies shocked
I looked at them and thanks god that they all duck
I turned back my head
the motherfucker wasnt dead
the one who shoot was my nigga and he fucked his leg
I lifted that sucker up
who said his name was Rob
I asked him who the hell want now to kill me up


So who (WHO) send u (YOU)
dont know that if u fuck me u fuck my all crew
So who (WHO) send u (YOU)
IŽll make u respect me like all respect the Wu

That stupid motherfucker with blood a.k.a Rob
told me a lot of things while I point him on his knot
is such incredible to see how the niggas talk
once I show my fofo the all sound like my hoes
he yell me please dont shoot
just was goin for the loot
but yeah somebody send me u know my man B Rude
oh yeah I knew that nigga
He thinks hes so smart and the faster with the trigger
so then I asked Rob bout where the fuck hes at
Im lookin for that cat and now I got your gat
but when I looked for B oh shit hes who find me
thats what I make he think till my whole squad fuck he
I told him playa hater u think that your a king
but now u know that fuck with me is the 8th sin

Now who (WHO) send u (YOU)
I know u send me Rob so someonhis nigga e send u 2
Say who (WHO) send u (YOU)
and I said 2 my squad now I owe one to all of u

This nigga couldnt stayed in marcy
have to mess up with kingpins like germans to the nazis
feedin his family with same money blood
that make sure we all born gods dont grow
I speak up so fluently--from the International (Projects) and ghetto politics
I connect'em mayorly like commisioner of this league
B. Rude make mistakes since he step to this game
messing the Stupid make it lost half of his brain
Extosrion in proportion make all niggaz bleed
B. Rude start singin' like a bird in fucking spring
showing all his gang spots and blueprints
Revealing his links as sound of the pistol click
Names and places like mad with their faces
he bring it like cocaine to the braincells
eventualy he found death behind staircases
So you got guns I got guns too
what up now wanna bring a war I bring it too
2 months of gun blasting, kingpins start crashing
gangs start running as my squad is reunited
Dry byes day in n day out (The war is on)
Evacuate the whole block and prepare the war turf
all u see is blood on the walls
Older eyes in young soldiers identified by dress code
So who send you is my team or my enemies
I break you so who send you
I have my allubye and I send you