Hip Hop

Hip hop is one of the artforms that cross the millenium and put us all to think and define ourselves. Hip hop is not Rock and roll and hip hop is not Funk, Hip hop is really the present state of people and what their have in their heads. I aint triyin to call what is hip hop and what it isnt. But hip hop can be defined as as the art that dont get restricted to one vision or to one model. Hip hop is in the soul when few cant get to known through their lives and when they finally met it, it's too late.

Hip hop you can see the rights and wrongs of the people the fake and the real, the responsability and the negligence.

So if hip hop is about the people, why it reach a point when it get stuck. Call it the government, call it the comercializing, call it just a big cloud that block the 90% of what hip hop is and just expose a slim 10% to the masses.

I agree that hip hop is on a crissis right now and that hip hop is at the same time on a prolific cornocopia of creativity. It changes and transform but only a few are selected to see it. So my advice is to look for that 90% that is not been aired and listen to the sound of the river called the underground