This text is more than just your average props to the opposite side but more like a wake up call. I aint trying to diss or crash what women have built but on the flip side destroy and construct back again. Women have been oppressed since the beginning or so we have been told. Women have struggled since they are born and most of the times in a relationship she is the one that seems to always loose. With a large part of the world keeping females blind and abusing them on everyway, women encounter a major challenge for the year 2000.

However, we advance to the women that are not so oppressed on a society that has seemed to respect more the women. But here is where my philosophy enter…

The issue I want people to think about it is more related not to the women on the society but the society on the women. Women regardless of their creed seem to share similar tendencies, the way women are raised are also similar. Women had independent themselves from many taboos however there is too much behind that 'lady-like'.

I have seen many females raised with a fear of what the society may perceive from her. For me, that is far from been independent and claiming a true un-attachment to what other people go for.