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This text is dedicated to my own definition of God. Human beings have had the need to create a divine being with a divine power that can achieve whatever the man cant. This perception also involve some not that logical process. Since godly maded have been attached to whatever human ignore.

For example, ancient civilizations had multiple gods for one of the phenomenons. I.E. The god of the Sun, the god of the rain, the god of the sky. Once we discover the process then god has been pushed back until it suddenly it has been compiled into 1 god. However, this one god we try to put on him everything we havent discover yet. The universe, the creation, time, life etc..

So does that make a God of ignorance?

Religion is probably the entity in which we put this God. However what is the use of this religion? There was a time when religion was the law in which civilizations were runned by. This is the case of the Jews, Muslims and some christian societies. So religion was the political power that the priest and governor hold on the people. The fear of a god make the people submit to this law and be run by a more controled state.

My definition of God has been changing dramatically this past years. I have test my religion and start to learn other religions in which has been a quest for some whole understandment of the function of religion in the world. This quest hasnt been complete, however paths has been starting to been drawn. Unfortunately this paths have started to change the bases in which I though religion was built and has started to acquire a more political shape.

So far to be able to save the image of God, I have tried to re-define it over and over. My last perspective of God is really a non been, and more like a phenomenon itself. The perspective of humans have give it is just not applicable. This god doesnt react to feelings and emotions but is more like an element that build the universe. This element is Energy.

Defining God as simple and pure energy would make more sense since energy is eventually the creator of everything. Energy flows and change but it cant be destroy or created.