I AM...

I am like the sun and the earth

like the stars and the planets

I'm the cure to the sick man

and the disease for the wealthy

I am the foreigner of this planet

21 years ago I was physically trapped

I bleed tears of fire that burn through my skin

and still raise above malice

even if it sorround me undercover me

I am the fifth element

the seven dimensions

I'm almighty unpredictable

In the dark I bleed fire on the mic

I am like the everlasting night

U can see the light when it's dark

I am the little baby the unborn child

screaming his first breath 


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I am the old man just waiting for death

paralel to life and death

I am to the light of change

I am everything the understandable

and the mystery in one

I am God a.k.a. Devil, I am the Warrior 2000

I am the Missunderstood, I am Kahlil vs. Alex

I am the poet, choice, chaos, pain, sin

perfection, god degree and wise man

I am a South Side God......Part 1

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