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Stand for Knowledge of Self, this entitle to the individual finiding his true individualism.... You see, people go through life living from the expectation from their enviroment. They are products of their enviroment. However, there is a consious that can arise and motivates the individual to explore and work under changing enviroments. And then, is when the individual needs to stand for his roots.

However, are those roots that valuable? Think this way... if the roots the people belong too doesnt apply with the attitude of his true nature, then, what is the value of holding them.

Life is about evolution and for every evolution there is an extinction. KOS lives to explore and tranform the human been everytime and as a second effect their enviroment would change.

When an individual is capable to change their enviroment, then he became the soul controller. Their enviroment would be affected everytime the KOS grow and metamorph. If one is capable to master this changes and understand the effect of them. The soul controlling skills will sharpen and that is when a soul controller can achieve his image of that.

However there is a difference between a soul controller and the KOS. KOS for one way is the mission for any individual, while soul controlling is just an aditional effect a true KOS could give, regarthless if the individual know about its presense.