Jessica Peterson
VP, Human Resources Department

2 Atlantic Avenue
Boston MA 02110

Dear Miss. Jessica Peterson,

I am an International Business senior student at Endicott College looking for an internship opportunity with your company. Your company combines qualities such as being strongly leaned toward business, technology, and innovation. An internship with your company would also greatly enrich my other academic studies.

The tech industry has always appealed to me as a career, I look closely at the technology trends, as well as the Internet and have some generalized knowledge of programming languages. DHTML, CSS, HTML, C++, Visual Basic, and SQL are some of the languages I have been studying recently as well as more robust applications such CFML, XML, PHP4 and WML. I want to highlight my business knowledge in the fields of economic, finance/accounting, and marketing as well as administration, research and development and my functionality with Microsoft Office and Lotus Spreadsheets. I also want to address extracurricular seminars on negotiation techniques as well as CRM which developed good business conduct and the ability to learn new systems rather quickly.

Please refer to my resume for more details about my experience and skills. Don't hesitate getting in touch with me via e-mail at or by phone at (978) 232-3169 to schedule a personal interview.


Alexandro Colorado

376 Hale Street
Beverly MA 01915
(978) 232-3169

376 Hale Street
Beverly, MA 01915
Phone: (978) 232-3023

Alexandro Colorado


Reliable and responsible student looking for a semester long internship with a dynamic company wit an international presence.



Endicott College

Beverly, MA

Courses include:  

- E-Commerce
- E-Finance
- New Venture Policy
- Web Design

- Programming VB
- International Business
- Finance
- Animation



Villahermosa, Tabasco México

Web Designer Executive

- Build and design the whole e-commerce site.
- Excellent communication skill working with staff for design decisions.
- Quick training course for the staff on managing and usage of Dreamweaver 4.


Perl English Program

Cardenas, Tabasco México

English Trainer

- Train students on listening comprehension and oral expression exercise.
- Assist other trainers on group exercises and activities.
- Examine and testing the student development.

6/1999 - 8/1999

Villahermosa, Tabasco México

Intern- R&D, Administration, and Accounting Area.

- Developing timelines for multimedia projects.
- Managing small workgroups for specific tasks.
- Research on new technology for upgrade of the systems.
- Learned/ develop some small web design tasks.

1/1999 - 2/1999

Banco Bilbao Viscaya B.B.V.

México City, México

Intern- International Service Department

- Work with letter of credit and other tools used on international business.
- Actualize data bank information on Excel type spreadsheets.
- Research on countries economic and growth expectations for the future year.

Summers 95-2000

Constructora Alexandro

Villahermosa, México

General Manager Assistant

- Small consulting on upgrading the company's financials and accounting systems.
- Assist on asset allocation decisions.
- Supervise workgroups on fixed tasks.



- Fluent in Spanish and English
- Understand Basic French (spoken)  

Computer Skills:

- Office Applications (Microsoft Office, Lotus 1-2-3)
- Design Applications (Photoshop 6, Flash 5, Dreamweaver 4)
- Programming Languages (VB, C/C++, SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS)
- Currently Learning (Java, XML, XSL, PHP4 CFML)


Authorized to work in this country for any employer.