First album from the JZA and Khrist, USSR comes with the music revolution with original Hip hop sound. Original and all new songs produced by the JZA for JZA Production. South Side Godz is the strongest synergy on lyrical skills ever come from the Heat (aka Tabasco). With a unique blend of English and Spanish rhymes that changes through the many scales that this two MC's spit with an ease. Send us to a mental journey with a strong message to bring the Hip hop revolution to Mexico and the whole world.

Who Send You? Capital Punishment
Illusion From the Street Mirame A Los Ojos (Remix)
Mirame A Los Ojos South Side Godz (the Showdown)
DPDF Fake Playa, Viejas
That's Our Style La Nueva Especie

The New Specie a compilation album that really put the Hispanic hip hop to another level, with collaboration from MC's from all over the place. The New Specie is more about the art of emcee and the art of hip hop more than the regular commercial affluent of the past decade. The mission is to change the already mishandle birth of Spanish hip hop due to the morph with rock and pop. JZA bless the Hispanic nation of hip hop with this 19 track album in which take the art of rhymes and styles and melt them together over serious and original themes.  The ability to use a bilingual album and control the quality on both styles exporting the culture outside of the Spanish speaking community bring another dimensions.

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