Earth is the meant of females, women, girls, babies, mothers, nature. Lyrically and physically respectful earths that maintain in the orbit and still have many changes so anyone with any how to understand them would be their sun. The magnetism attraction between the earth and the sun can only result on the seeds of life that not just is restricted to create babies but to create energy.

On this new millennium earth need to understand the principle as well as our seeds. Love need to transform and a better knowledge, wisdom and understandment can maintain this vital energy that would benefit the seeds that are the new world.

The system make us fall into the change of values. The hunger and the greed for the green paper make us forget the true principle and porpoise of the rich and wealth we intend to achieve.

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Education for the new civilization relay on the harmony between our brothers and sisters.The hate between man and woman would generate a chaos between earth and sun. A incompatibility on the magnetism that attract and repel us from one another. If the sun get too close to it's earth it would end on a complete destruction of the planet. On the other way if the earth get out of it's orbit is more likely to float alone in the space and end on other orbit or crash with a comet.

The Cipher between the sun and the earth can only be understand them by themselves. The chemistry applied between both has to be shared to make it compatible. The bond of the man and woman relies on the word, the misuse of communications could bring the bond to a crisis.

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