Welcome to the JZA's Update of the webpage with the hi-tech design and any of the new updates coming soon. With tons of pics animations sounds&sights and even video's of myself. Yeah it sound kinda TOO mudafuckin corny but yo gotta represent because no one would do it for you. 

I design to put some of the stuff that my life and the vision of the world through my eyes really is. Science is mystical but then again is for everybody that live in it, everyone else is a creation of that same science. The study of self and the study of elements is a science which contain the answer through a deep meditations of things.

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The universe is like the changing image behind me for myself contend all the secrets of life itself. The female is like the universe for men and men is like the universe for females. A certain equality is possible but then again impossible since the elements differ on not just the form and shape but also the substance of them.

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Dawne Bennett


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Original Wu-Wear for that summer season. Is what u want baby/Is what you need. Continue here
I am like the sun and the earth
like the stars and the planets
I'm the cure to the sick man
and the disease for the wealthy
I am the foreigner of this planet
21 years ago I was physically trapped
I bleed tears of fire that burn through my skin...      Continue here
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Meet Kahlil Johnson



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